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Causey & Howard’s attorneys provide a high level of experience in all areas of domestic relations law, with particular emphasis on complex financial cases, including estates which contain multiple corporate, trust, and real estate holdings. Our attorneys come from diverse legal backgrounds and are able to supply the business knowledge and trial experience necessary to assist our clients in these emotionally-charged transitions of their personal and business lives. Our domestic relations practice includes: child support; dissolution of marriage (divorce); legal separation; maintenance (alimony); marital agreements; parental responsibility (custody) actions; and valuation and allocation of marital and separate property.

How long does it take to get divorced in Colorado?

The time taken for a divorce proceeding in Colorado could be anywhere from 90-days to several months. A divorce filing could be contested or uncontested. A contested divorce takes longer as both the parties are not in agreement on all the issues.

Issues could include financial, spousal support, or custody of children (if any). Things tend to get complicated and longer when children are involved. The court expects a resolute parenting plan along with an agreement of separation, which involves the children. Hence, a mutually agreed and uncontested divorce is the quickest.

A court hearing can take an entire day if all issues are contested, and half a day if these are fewer. Courts have other cases to deal with and set the longer duration between hearings if the proceedings require an entire day. It also depends on the time required by your attorney to complete any paperwork. Get in touch with our attorneys in Eagle & Edwards Colorado now.

How to choose the Best Divorce Lawyer in Eagle County, Colorado?

You should consider several critical factors before choosing a lawyer in Vail & Edwards Colorado to handle your divorce proceedings. A few of them are:

• Talk to people who have undergone divorces in your area to learn about their experiences working with a divorce attorney.

• Choose an attorney in Vail & Eagle Colorado who specializes in family law. They have extensive experience with divorce cases and can move things along quickly.

• Go with someone local attorney in Vail, Edwards & Eagle Colorado to represent you. Attorneys could have a license to practice in several jurisdictions. Choosing one in your local area makes it easy to communicate and helpful as they are knowledgeable about local regulations.

• Experience and credibility in the public eye is a key factor. You want to pick an attorney who has strong experience with family law and is held in high regard by the general public.

• Avoid selecting an attorney based on advertisements on TV and other media. Some of these firms lack proper legal experience and are more focused on growing their business rather than helping in good faith.

• Be gender-inclusive when selecting a lawyer. It’s a common misconception that choosing a lawyer of the same gender works in your favour. Find a dependable person who offers you the comfort zone to discuss your marital issues without inhibition.

• Meet with different attorneys in Vail & Eagle Colorado in person or converse over the phone before zeroing in on one. It lets you gauge their personality, professionalism, and their track record.

• Make a checklist of items you want to discuss with your attorney. It could include their previous cases, their method of working, or pricing. Choose the person who satisfies most of your criteria.

• If your divorce involves children and their custody, choose a person with this experience.

• Choose a lawyer with a sizable support staff who could quicken the process of filing the paperwork.

Questions to ask a Divorce Lawyer

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Here are a few things you need to ask your potential divorce attorney:

• Question them about their expertise and past cases involving family law. Ask them if they are a certified family law practitioner in Vail & Eagle Colorado.

• Check how much they charge for the case proceedings. It is the most important question you need to ask a lawyer. Inquire if they accept a flat fee that involves dealing with all aspects of the case without any hidden charges.

• Ask them about their opinion regarding how your case may fare before a judge.

• Discuss financial, business, or tax-related repercussions that could arise due to the divorce.

• Quiz them about the strategy they wish to use to represent you in court.

• Inquire about how you will be in touch. Do the lawyers return calls personally, or do they have support staff who handles the communication?

• Ask if they permit you and the spouse to negotiate about any issues related to the divorce directly.

How should I prepare for a contested divorce?

Read up about the divorce process even before you look for a divorce attorney. Contact your bank or financial institutions to get a handle on your financial standings. Organize your paperwork and get support from family and friends if the process is emotionally draining. Always maintain amicable relationships with your children.

How should I prepare for an Uncontested divorce?

Uncontested divorces are relatively less stressful and are settled a lot quicker. Do your research about the legal process and the timelines before choosing an attorney. Read the settlement terms you agreed upon with your spouse carefully and ask questions if anything seems confusing. Stay in touch with your lawyer in Edwards, Colorado.

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