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I would like to take this opportunity to discuss my family’s legal representation by Attorney Taggart Howard. Being not a resident of Eagle County or Colorado we did not know what to expect with a local attorney. Mr. Howard proved to be exactly what we hoped for and needed, someone that was familiar with the local court system, he served previously in the District Attorney’s office in Eagle County, and someone that could show understanding and not treat our son as a lost cause because of his mistakes. Mr. Howard is a family oriented man and this came out in his treatment of our son and his respect and understanding for my wife and I. His knowledge of the court system, familiarity of the process and openness regarding the seriousness of our situation were important to us, but at no point did we feel that he was ready to give up on our son. He made clear recommendations regarding what our son could do to help his situation with the court system and he followed through with every expectation we had of him in handling the case, making appointments, working with the DA’s office and most important, keeping us informed. He made every effort to provide us with up dated information, answer our phone calls, text and e-mails. This was a critical aspect of keeping us from giving up hope and feeling like we were part of the process. Mr. Howard laid out the best possible outcome and we were able to achieve it. Thanks to Mr. Howard’s skill as an attorney our son will have the opportunity to rebuild his life, and for that we are grateful…

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